Friday, June 15, 2012

Collective Endeavor!


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  3. Hey, I just wanted to say that you guys are AMAZING!!! I'm so happy to see that there are other people that share the same ideas. I tried telling teachers and students at my school, that the system wasn't inspiring its students to go to school for the sake of learning, but just to get it over with and get good grades. Many think that after they graduate, they are done, they don't need to do anything else, and I think that it's such a pity, because people, and children especially, have this natural curiosity to learn, and I feel like many (if not most) schools, just dim that light within us. Anyway, just wanted to share that, I don't think anyone is going to see this anyway, but oh well...

    Dream big. Help improve the world. Spread the message.

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