Monday, March 19, 2012

Sophie's Response to Einstein's Dreams

foot beats
when we walk when we fall
doesn’t matter among them all
amidst the patter of all those feet
we lose our sense of that beat
that’s in the heart
and keeps the time and the art
of living a life
in which strife
is met with hope and moving
through without losing
sight of how time and love
are not brought down by a dove
“oh god above” they may say
“for what sin is this pain the price to pay”
no man in the sky
provides a reason why
meaning is not here
so you have no reason to fear
if you listen to your beating heart
love will lead as you start
to spend your time as is best
then the rest
independent of your choice
will become your voice
what is heard is the sound
of your meaning found
and the lub dub-ing
that is directing
the most important guide
is kept inside
not learned in school
it’s still a tool
we cannot forget
for then our life is a game of roulette
when you can’t call the shots
whose are your thoughts
let the beating
do the leading
and you can be proud
of not being lost in the crowd

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