Monday, February 6, 2012

Welcome to The Independent Project

Hello! Welcome to the blog of the The Independent Project of 2012. This is the second pilot of this program. The Project was started by a senior last year, Sam Levin. In his words: "The idea for The Independent Project came about from [Sam]’s own experience of high school, and his observations of the experiences of his peers. The two main things he felt were missing from many high school classrooms were engagement and mastery. He also felt that even students who were engaged were often learning material that was not very intellectually valuable. They were learning lots of information, but very little about how to obtain information on their own, or even create new information. His intent was to design a school in which students would be fully engaged in and passionate about what they were learning, would have the experience of truly mastering something, or developing expertise in something, and would be learning how to learn" (The White Paper).
The second year includes some veterans, Peter Pope Boyce, Annalena Barrett, Sergio Delmolino, and Matt Whalan. The newcomers are Wilson Flower, Jake Borden, Sandy Moore, and Sophie Randolph. The other veterans of the program are our Faculty Advisers, Mr. Powell, Mrs. Baldwin, and Mr. Wohl.
We will use this blog to keep you updated on our projects week to week and we hope you enjoy hearing about our process.

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